Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-six
Winter 2014
39 Ways to Disappear
Jill Khoury

Women who die alone do this 1 weird thing!
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Women die alone in cardboard boxes
Women die alone gardening
caressing herb rub into the lamb
because of how the house bumped and wailed during a storm
beneath the Japanese plum tree
surrounded by vertebrae
inhaling engine smoke
along the edge of the wharf
in the thoughts of scoundrels
atop the roof with a drink on the side table
orbiting the moon
from psychological violence
Women die alone drawn close to the heater vent
She was found dead surrounded by the shell of a gun fetish
pondering the recoil
having swallowed a battery
clutching her bookbag
aside Jenny at the store
in the basement of a skyscraper
by a next-door farmer
from debt
aboard an aircraft
after hanging
in a gray suit with pale blue pinstripes
because of microchips
She was found dead with a plate of bread and sweet tea
I will be found in a lunar lander
by a vegetable vendor
having swallowed my tongue
with all the nodes of my insomnia
despite the humidity
with my orbital bone smashed in
over his absence
with my mouth full of cake
inside a cute dress
following a vein no one knew about
surrounded by wool carpet
in the hall
my body fast letting go of warmth

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