Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-six
Winter 2014
2014 Pushcart Nominees

From Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal, Issue Thirty-four Spring 2014

Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton
The poems are collaborations by Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton who live by the sea. Seaton teaches at University of Miami and Duhamel at Florida International University. These poems are from their book of collected collaborations forthcoming in the fall of 2015 from Sibling Rivalry Press.
Nominated Poem Manifesto

George Kalamaras
George, Poet Laureate of Indiana, is the author of seven books of poetry and seven chapbooks, including Kingdom of Throat-Stuck Luck, winner of the Elixir Press Poetry Prize (2011). He is Professor of English at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, where he has taught since 1990.
Nominated Poem This Being Human
Nominated Poem The Book of Everyday Life

From Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal, Issue Thirty-two Summer 2013

Risa Denenberg
Risa is an aging hippie poet currently living in the Pacific Northwest. She earns her keep as a nurse practitioner, although she’ll tell anyone who’ll listen that she holds little faith in Western medicine. She does not own a television, follow news blogs, or read the newspaper, and only listens to Canadian radio, so she can’t really follow chitchat about current events or popular culture. She prefers to spend her nonworking hours savoring solitude or reading and writing poetry. In other words, she’s a hermit. Along with Mary Meriam and Jessica McFadden, she is a mistress of Headmistress Press, dedicated to publishing fine lesbian poetry. Her most recent book of poems, Mean Distance from the Sun, was published by Aldrich Press.

Nominated Poem Unshod

Kelly Boyker
Kelly lives in Seattle, Washington and wishes it really would rain every day, as the myth goes. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in such places as Opium Magazine, PANK, Prick-of-the-Spindle, Scythe, FRiGG, Wicked Alice and Apercus Quarterly as well as many other journals. She recently finished partaking in the collaborative anthology Fainting Couch Idioglossia from Blood Pudding Press. Her chapbook, Zoonosis, is forthcoming from Hyacinth Girl Press in 2013. In her spare time she rides her horse Shadowmere through the lands of Skyrim where she is the leader of the Dark Brotherhood and the head mage at the College in Winterhold.

Nominated Poem Under the Factory Ash

From Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal, Issue Thirty-three Winter 2013

Sara Moore
Sara’s five-year-old son says she’s a “happy girl and a nice girl,” but he also thinks she’s still a teenager, so. One of the most embarrassing things she did this year was to tell an English 101 class that she likes to believe her awkward personality makes her whimsical. Sometimes she says things without thinking. she’s been writing poems to understand the world since she was a little girl. These poems are a reaction to her full-blooded Cherokee grandfather’s suicide. They represent the purpose of many fantastic stories, to both cover and expose truth. Find her here:
Nominated Poem Coffin