Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-six
Winter 2014
Aspects of the Dream are Aspects of the Dreamer : 1
Jill Khoury

I wake with my mother’s suicide spirit on my chest.
    [thermodynamics]  [domesticated]

Her limbs vine in mine     She’s wasted
    [stainless]       [litheness]

from starvation but lashes me to the mattress,
lights up like a spider web when the moonlight hits her.
    [wisteria]      [echoised]

I pull
    [knurling]        [winching]
her arms,

and when that doesn’t work
my nails pinch her skin. She wails, animal.
    [shrapnel]      [haymaker]

We grapple across the hardwood.
I bruise one bone after another.
    [chordate]      [wrest]

crack and vulture who screamed evil witch

I palm her face slam her head into the floor.
We twin skinsleek, liquid, fluid.
    [chimera]      [fettered]

Finally she can’t hold on

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