Arsenic Lobster poetry journal
Issue Twenty-seven
Winter 2011
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Issue Twenty-seven,  Winter 2011

contributor photoKate Greenstreet
slips into a pew.
contributor photoBruce McRae
stares into his beer, ignoring her curves and entrances, his thoughts the size of Australia, his mouth in drought.
contributor photoMichael Keenan
drove into the moon.
contributor photoBasil Rosa
had an uncle or two who ran numbers.
contributor photoBrett Strickland
still grasps at empty air throat parched for a drink from lemons that were never there.
contributor photoGeorge Kalamaras
always preferred the insides of things—fish, starlight, veldt, the body of my lover-word.
contributor photoRobert Malloy
comes growling up from granite.
contributor photoElisa Gabbert and Kathleen Rooney
delete the emails that offer themselves to you—hot, horny, yours—from your inbox.
contributor photoArielle Greenberg Bywater
wrote on a sprung and twelve-note scale, written, bitten, the wet bale ends of those braids of hair.
contributor photoDaniela Olszewska and Carol Guess
bound each other's wrists with phone cords stretched rec room to porch.
contributor photoMalaika King Albrecht
demands only the world, the river rock unlocked, our hands wet.
contributor photoCindy Savett
overthrows this endless night.
Lobster Dinner by Chrisi Karvonides-Dushenko
Lobster Dinner by Chrisi Karvonides-Dushenko
About the Artist
contributor photoMaureen Alsop
awoke as a scrawl of green in the lower corner of this page.
contributor photoSimon Perchik
once had such power and now can't open to demand.
contributor photoÁine McCarthy
trailed off where you interrupted the hole in the corner of your eye the river running towards relief the places that leaked.
contributor photoAndrea D.E. Levin
could not replicate the wet heat of his tiny pink tongue on the glass.
contributor photoMichael Robins
learned once to leave thought for panic.
contributor photoLissa Kiernan
is full of Lobster love for this, our largest issue ever! What a gift!
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