Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-three
Winter 2013
Issue Thirty-three,  Winter 2013
Do it yourself Arsenic Lobster multiple choice poem
           ~Inspired by issue thirty-three’s contributors

baby kicks himself to sleep
A. having abandoned his teddy
B. in the kitchen
C. trying to unlock a chess set

when our mother breaks into the room
she is
A. an earthworm
B. a fire
C. a boyish heart

she once asked
A. Did we ever touch one another in the tall grass?
B. Was it a honey locust?
C. Could I have been your crushed rib?

when no one answers, she writes rites
A. to ditch gym again
B. to commandeer the stereo
C. for far worse crimes than this

we’re not sure but believe
the baby was conceived
A. orbiting a face
B. from a violent nest
C. in a possum heart

and he wants
A. an explosion like you said
B. the sweet sift of rising steam
C. to open their mouths

our mother cannot be saved because
A. that would bite holes until nothing remains
B. they are nothing but rotten fritters
C. they used to think they were interesting

we sing as long as she records
A. the world standard
B. the subtropics at room temperature
C. only ¼ evidence

someone once touched
A. the circular territory
B. their one garden hose
C. our foreheads

what if baby knows
A. how to go about knowing it
B. how it’s spelt
C. something that nobody cares enough about

Susan Rides the Lobster</span> by Clarissa Jakobsons
Susan Rides the Lobster by Clarissa Jakobsons
About the Artist

together they donate
A. a hail-white heart
B. lingerie and shy white sheets
C. the curdled white matter

in the end our mother was
A. the glue you owed
B. stupid as she is
C. what you thought she was

The correct answers are waiting for you in our fresh catch of poems. We hope you enjoy discovering them for yourself.
Susan Yount
Editor & Publisher, Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal
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