Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-seven
Spring 2015
Issue Thirty-seven,  Spring 2015
The Hottest Poetry Hairstyles
Inspired by our contributors and the Lobster Hairdressers

Spring is finally here! It’s time to step outside, enjoy a cup of java or a pint on your patio and walk around in the little clips of sunlight with a brand new hairdo for the season. Who better to draw inspiration from than these trendsetting poets!

Anya Lofamia – A Gaze Catching Fire
How To Style:
1. Apply musical versions of light
2. Turn into waves — harvesting misplaced metaphors
3. Play peek-a-boo with pockets

Susan Charkes – The Ravens Played at Rescue
How To Style:
1. Apply smelted chicken fat
2. Pound it in, grind it down
3. No blaming it on fate

Onnyx Bei – Ripening Cacao
How To Style:
1. Apply the waves of El Rio Escondido
2. Wake with soreness
3. Unlock her longing

Kirby Knowlton – One Summer the Sun Broke
How To Style:
1. Apply pieces of the same fruit
2. Cut with words
3. Imagine wanting to skip the little parts

Nancy Lynée Woo – Ruffled Commotion
How To Style:
1. Apply the gullet, one heart meets another
2. Hit her every day
3. It doesn’t even need mustard

Rae Hoffman – The Harder I Kick
How To Style:
1. Apply the black grit from under
2. Break the lacustrine twigs
3. No one can be saved

Adam Hughes – Domestic Squabbles Disguised
How To Style:
1. Apply increments of cuticle
2. Wet horses
3. The moon is full of ink

Patrick Cole – Drunk in Sunshine
How To Style:
1. Apply secret solar winds
2. Blow all night on this rocked shore
3. The joke drags its big ass all across town

Sarah Ghoshal – The Way the Sky Unfolds
How To Style:
1. Apply chalk and the silly bow ties
2. Fall between the cushions
3. All towns will have welcome home signs

Simon Perchik – A Makeshift Heart
How To Style:
1. Apply stone and longing —each night
2. Find more room for mornings
3. The way these dead hold on to each other…

Lobster Hairdressers by Kelsey Dean
Lobster Hairdressers by Kelsey Dean
About the Artist

Paul Nelson – Spring in the Rockies
How To Style:
1. Apply little trout and sunnies
2. Let the sun, the moon lay cold
3. A huge lobster on the bottom

Juliet Cook & j/j hastain – A Conveyor Belt
How To Style:
1. Apply the need to create
2. Reshape it into a bible bookmark
3. Trapped in a snow blower

Jay Sizemore – Before Lipstick
How To Style:
1. Apply a poisoned sunflower’s disc
2. Find that girl who believed in dragons
3. Bandsaw at the bicep

Michael N. Thompson – The Ghost
How To Style:
1. Apply more disappointment
2. Like a land mine
3. A mere glimpse

Susan Yount – The Arsenic Lobster
How To Get Your Own Style:
1. Apply all your guts, all your nuts, all your junk
2. Feed on fire
3. Follow the guidelines

Susan Yount
Editor & Publisher, Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal
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