Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-nine
Winter 2015
Issue Thirty-nine,  Winter 2015
Terms and Conditions

A mini poem/intro with lines from our December contributors.

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You agree that the objective world is no small potato. Time, for instance, is complicated.
Everything is happening at once. It’s just that we don’t experience it that way.

You acknowledge that it feels velvet and a little bouncy. You acknowledge that it was like being stuck inside the moon.

Permission is granted to stop talking to the void.

You understand it’s not normal to fantasize about death but some days it’s all you think about.

Do not blame the boys for being afraid of what they see.

Go on: spill turpentine in the spare room and light a match.

You understand that even tethers can break when hard pressed
and you will fax me back to running in the florid dark.

Gulp down the pain like a huge glucosamine.

The red spinning petals of death unfold!

1. Get away
2. Get away
3. Go away
4. Save yourself
Lobster Pinup by Kelsey Dean
Lobster Pinup by Kelsey Dean
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Editor & Publisher, Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal
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