Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Forty-three
April 2017
Issue Forty-three,  April 2017
Do it yourself Arsenic Lobster multiple choice poem
            ~Inspired by issue forty-three’s contributors

if I could plan a dream
      A.  my ghost would stretch itself so thin crying
      B.  I fly a helicopter
      C.  I would walk myself up one of those oak trees

she runs to the edge of
      A.  rivers
      B.  time
      C.  sadness

in college I
      A.  watched a doctor in a black bowler hat strip
      B.  thought, then, of my husband’s left arm
      C.  worked transcribing lectures for deaf students

I automatically want
      A.  to know what it means
      B.  the false warmth of vodka
      C.  you in the shade of a mossy dawn

we climb in
      A.  between the stones
      B.  to sleep
      C.  a fire of fingers & torqued coral

in a cartoon world
      A.  heart-shaped eyes pop out
      B.  you can’t get in or out of bed
      C.  you come running with your bucket of water

like sauce that’s spread real thin on a plate
      A.  I don’t plan too far ahead anymore
      B.  or dust that lays in the lines within
      C.  I long to taste your eyelids with my tongue

I wanted to know
      A.  what water crystal pattern breeds
      B.  baby names
      C.  what keeps you company

don’t you see
      A.  this cut will fester past forever
      B.  her flowers have fallen
      C.  the dog

The correct answers are waiting for you in our fresh catch of poems. We hope you enjoy discovering them for yourself.
Susan Yount
Editor & Publisher, Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal
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