Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Forty
Spring 2016
Issue Forty,  Spring 2016
An Invitation to read the Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal

YOU’RE INVITED to Installations of Arsenic Lobster: mini abstracts created in the cutup machine

Taking a Shower in an Empty House
The homemade grocery curtains are inescapable.
The laughing train is you.
Against time exhaling at hands
Against an arch in the bed.

Learn How to Avoid Being Buried Alive
Carry a hotel with you.
Flail arms, wave.
Bells by the grave gather leaves.

The strawberries are off for glistening.

Discover how Gods Will Be Gods
With her elbows in the wine, the unfurled one is the chosen one.

Enjoy Breakfast Accompanied by Fowl
Stupid are those who would anchor the sky.
Stupid is the engine of time—driving a fancy tractor.

Meet Mr. Mom at the Playground
Think something. Watch something
like commercials about wood chips.

Read The Beginner’s Guide to Endings
Cutout of the door.
Cutout of it, it radiates.

Give Zero Fucks About Love
A cloth consuming collection of things, likely birds
And somewhere, a rainbow catastrophe.

Identify the Poison Ivy
I’m pain hidden, still, against the berry.

Understand how to love a dead man
When dowsing in the fog, John is but a crack.

Visit a Museum of the Departed
This wondrous want rushes the wondrous air.

Invitation to the Dance by Susan Medyn
About the Artist

Talk about dahlias
Trust silos.
Trust moons.
Trust death.

Discuss Arachnid Theory
This human shellfish,
this stainless mantis I pry against.

Survive winter without winter
God pulls a fire into your beer heart.

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Susan Yount
Editor & Publisher, Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal
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