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Downloading Arsenic Lobster
Each issue is stored as a separate zip file named the same as the issue -- "". A zip file is a file that has had excess space squeezed out of it so it is compressed into as little space as possible. This makes sending a file over the internet much faster.

When you click on the "Download Issue Eight" on the Download page, your browser will ask you whether you want to open or save the file.
Click on "save".
Your browser will then open a window that looks like Windows Explorer showing you the directories on your computer.
Navigate to the directory where you want to store the zip file, then click on "save".
The zip file will be stored on your computer.
If you create a directory on your computer named Arsenic Lobster and download the files into it, you can keep all of the issues together neatly.

After downloading the zip file, a program such as Winzip will be required to extract the individual files. "Extracting" is the process of expanding the files back to their original size. You can get Winzip at Some versions of Windows also contain a Zip/Unzip feature.

If you use Winzip,
    selecting the option "Extract to" will allow you to navigate to the directory where you want to store the folder containing all the files for the issue.
    selecting the option "Extract to here" will create the folder containing all the files into the same directory with the zip file (recommended).

When unzipping the file, a folder named the same as the issue will be created and the individual files stored into it -- "08-IssueEight".
So if you make a directory named Arsenic Lobster and you download and unzip issues Six, Eight, and Nine into it, it will look like this,
       Arsenic Lobster          (the directory you made)
After making sure that you can read the issue you downloaded, you can delete the zip file if you like.

To view a downloaded issue, navigate in Windows Explorer to the folder containing the issue (not the .zip file) and doubleclick on the file "index.html". This will open the first page of the issue in your browser and you can then see the contents just like you would online. See below for information on how to create a shortcut on your desktop for each issue.

Some of the links in downloaded pages will NOT work. These links will give you a browser message something like "The page cannot be displayed".
These pages are only viewable when you are online so that you will always see the up-to-date version.
        Contact Us

All other links take you to their respective pages in the issue you are currently reading.
        Home ... takes you to the index page
        Current Issue
        About Us
        All of the poet names and their poems.

Creating An Icon On Your Desktop For Each Issue
If you would like to create an icon on your desktop for each issue of the Lobster (the "desktop" is the screen with all the icons on it you get when you turn on your computer),

Navigate in Windows Explorer to the folder containing the issue for which you want to create an icon.
Locate the file named "index.html". RIGHT click on it. A "dropdown menu" will appear.
Move your curser down to "send to" so that it is highlighted. Pause, no need to click.
A second dropdown menu will appear.

Move your cursor to "Desktop (create shortcut)". LEFT click on it.
An icon named "shortcut to index.html" will be created on your desktop.

To rename the icon to a more meaningful name,
RIGHT click on the icon. On the dropdown menu, LEFT click on "rename".
The text under the icon will become highlighted.

Type a new name for the icon such as Lobster Eight into the box.
Press enter and the icon will display the new name.

Now, to go directly to Issue Eight for the Arsenic Lobster simply doubleclick on the new icon.

If you ever want to remove the icon from your desktop, RIGHT click on it and then click on "delete".
This will delete only the icon. This will NOT affect the files stored on your computer.

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