Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Final Issue 2018
In The Junkyard Quando Sumus
Jenne Kaivo

We lived according to the last tenet of the children. Biting with their rays the crazy buildings that
were formed in order. Collapsing thing and also while the heap grows. To walk the heap is the
greatest struggle. Seagulls rain excreta down upon your limbs. To be modern lived according to

Emptiness is my fine flower. Gnawed by grubby thoughts. Emptiness is my fine famine according
to the last tenet of shattered glass. To fly over a heap in white feathers.

Necklaces are the plastic six-pack holder. Face pretty blue under white feathers. To make my
mark upon the world with white excreta. To live according to the last tenet of an empty box.

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