Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Final Issue 2018
Ghada Khalil

to wait the waiittyng, as
long as it taekes, for a
coeffee before the beep
for my ha/nd to open the
door, for coeffee to
sit on my tongeu, for
the doore too to settllle
after the creak.

to wait the waiitttyng for
plastics to be picked up, for
the week:end to linger,
for sunday even/ing to get
blle;u, for monday to hack
the day that cam e befoer it
for mon/day to {resign} to
the re-lentless sequencing.

for your eyye lash to whip
slighlty and for-the-colllision
of silen-ce with noise
and a noth/ing with a
cha[ir; your full front
absenance with your
embraacing limb[o]s.

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