Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Final Issue 2018
a cliff an elephant
Ghada Khalil

my heart is a queen, an assölle, a hörre,
a saint, a poet, an accountant, a brothel,
a creaky church, a space, a thick wall,
a whiner, a tenor, a violin, a sharp knife,
a spoon, a pot – a window, broken – a war,
an almond tree – a drawing, a circle, a nothing,

my heart a kite a cliff an elephant
a cricket a cake – another nothing–
a circus a comedy a shakespearean shitte
it’s that awesome poet’s poem, a dikke; a cüonte
a phony a fraud a rest-room a tent, a bear,
a piece of ice, a carving in a mountain.

my heart a treehouse on a chopped tree,
a dog, the mouse a lullaby, a short story
by Henrietta Moss, a police officer,
a hat without a feather, a book with
bad reviews, something to think about,
a plastic to drum on, a sequence of events,
a private echo chamber, a statue waving,
a piano without keys, a carpet lying all
day on the floor, a a a a a a a monocycle
without a rider, a tribute to all
those who died, a tombstone,
with my name carved on it, a eulogy, a
eulogy, a eulogy in real time,
in real time, in real time,

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