Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Final Issue 2018
John Bradley
John lives in DeKalb, Illinois, where everyone must wear barbed wire clothing, as this was where barbed wire was first mass produced. His most recent book, Erotica Atomica, is not about barbed wire, but a close cousin—the atomic bomb.

Emily Brink
Emily is a poet and fiction writer whose work has appeared in MiPoesias and Black Scat Review. She is a Rimbaud valentine for the violet dusk.

Sonya C. Brown
Sonya, Assistant Editor of Glint, lives in Maryland with her family, two elderly dogs, two middle-aged cats, four young chickens, and countless alteregos.

Juliet Cook
Juliet is a grotesque glitter witch medusa hybrid brimming with black, grey, silver, purple, and dark red explosions. Her poetry has appeared in a peculiar multitude of literary publications. You can find out more at

Rob Cook
Rob Cook lives with one soulmate, Stephanie, and one cat, Bernie Salamander Vallejo, in lower New York City.

Carolyn Divish
Carolyn lives in Indianapolis and enjoys mountain views and long walks on the beach—too bad Indiana doesn’t have much of either of those to speak of. She’d be happier if she learned to love vistas of corn and soy instead. She’s been published in Silver Birch Press, Punchnel’s, Jack and Jill Children’s Magazine, Mythic Indy Anthology and elsewhere.

C.R. Dobson
C.R. Dobson is an English professor at a university in South Korea. Although he enjoys the professing enough and it pays the bills, he still spends a lot of time lost in reveries in which he is professing nothing. Rather, he is writing stories or poems in an aircraft en route to Exotic Country—with his wife and chinchilla Persian, Momo*.
*Disambiguate as necessary.

Kat Finch
Kat Finch is a poet living and working in Ypsilanti as a letterpress printer. She received her MFA in poetry at The University of Michigan Helen Zell Writers’ Program, and her poetry may be found in Black Warrior Review, The Literary Review, and Southern Indiana Review, among others. She has one chapbook, Birds with Teeth, published by alice blue press.

j/j hastain
j/j is a collaborator, writer and maker of things. j/j performs ceremonial gore. Chasing and courting the animate and potentially enlivening decay that exists between seer and singer, j/j, simply, hopes to make the god/dess of stone moan and nod deeply through the waxing and waning seasons of the moon.

Jenne Kaivo
Jenne has spent months, maybe years, considering what it would be like to be a fungus. She began sending spores out in December 2016, and has since been published in The Magnitizdat Literary, The Lake, Synaeresis and other places.

Ghada Khalil
Ghada was born in Lebanon in a very small town known for its apple orchards. The apples she picked as a child were Starking Red, Golden Delicious and Mawardeh – a local variety. She appears to have succeeded at causing an awkward collision of there and then with here and now. She’s been since trying to dial a very elaborate combination lock to find something. For a few years, she pretended to be on a long vacation under palm trees while she worked in Advertising in Dubai. She arrives, get lost then found again in a continuous loop similar to that of infinity but only with real numbers provided to her by a host of tangible objects, circumstances, train rides and human interventions. Her name is not phonetically correct in English and may get twisted at every introduction, such as this. She often demonstrates live in social settings its impossible guttural pronunciation. Her poems appeared in Rise Up Review, Pif Magazine, Juked, Electric Cereal and other journals. She has a an MA from New York University in Media, Culture and Communication. She is a freelance translator and lives in the Hudson Valley in New York where she spends her time inhaling and exhaling air alone or with other people, happy the much loved Hudson river flows reliably south outside her window.

Ted Lardner
Ted Lardner lives in Gates Mills, Ohio, near the Chagrin River, which can change colors and prophesy. Sometimes the river tries to move him in silence, that he may one day stop wearing out the buttons on the radio. Thank you, Susan Yount, and the editors of Arsenic Lobster, for working so devotedly, for years of so many fine issues of such a wonderful magazine. And now it is time either to fly over the snow, or get down on all fours and eat the grasses of the cemeteries forever.

Eileen Murphy
A former Chicagolander, Eileen lives on semi-rural property that must be mowed quite often, located 30 miles from Tampa, surrounded by the wild animals of Central Florida, most of them mosquitoes. She received her Masters degree from Columbia College, Chicago. She teaches literature and English at Polk State College and has recently published poetry in Tinderbox (nominated for Pushcart Prize), The American Journal of Poetry, Deaf Poet’s Society, Rogue Agent, and a number of other journals.

Rolf Potts
Rolf discovered Billboard’s trove of early twentieth century circus news by accident, while researching a screenplay about 1920s minor league baseball. His online home is, and his fourth book, Souvenir, was released by Bloomsbury in March of 2018.

Charles Rafferty
Charles' latest poetry collection is The Smoke of Horses (BOA Editions, 2017). He searches for arrowheads and rat snakes in the woods near his Connecticut home.

Marta Shaffer
Marta is completing her MA in English at California State University, Chico, where she received first place in the poetry category for the 2015 Intro Journals Project Award. She works as co-editor/poetry slush pile reader for Watershed Review. She cannot roll her tongue. She hails from Minnesota.

Wren Tuatha
Wren is perpetually followed by a baby goat named Simile. This is awkward in malls. Their poetry has appeared in The Cafe Review, Canary, Coachella Review, Baltimore Review, Pirene's Fountain, Loch Raven Review, Clover, Lavender Review, Peacock Journal, Bangalore Review and others. Wren is editor of Califragile.

Kelley White
Kelley works as a pediatrician in New Hampshire’s North Country. She’s been busy crocheting evil eye gloves for the March for Our Lives against gun violence on March 24, 2018.

Jenny Williamson
Jenny is a poet and fiction writer living in Brooklyn. She has read frequently at New York venues including the Poetry Brothel, Lyrics, Lit & Liquor, Urbana, and Louder Arts, and her work has been published in the East Coast Literary Journal, 24, Blue Monday Review, Vox Poetica, Burningwood Literary Journal, and The Stone Highway Review, among others. Her first chapbook, Collection of Flaws in a Black Dress, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2016, and she is the cohost of the Ancient History Fangirl podcast. She can be found online here:

Kay Waterson
Kay is an emerging illustrator, and elementary school art teacher in Grand Rapids MI. Working in an array of materials from watercolor and acrylic paint, to graphite, ink, and digital, Kay applies mixed-media practices to a variety of subject matters. Her style includes whimsical imagery, vibrant color schemes, hand-lettering, and a specific interest for plants and animals.