Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Final Issue 2018
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Wren Tuatha
~ Peter with Oranges
~ Thuya

Juliet Cook
~ Bloodlines

j/j hastain
Juliet Cook
~ Seasoned and Sliced
~ Regrowing My Own Teeth

Kat Finch
~ Rogue Planets (Third Poem for You)

Rolf Potts
~ Novels in Three Lines, if Félix Fénéon had written for Billboard Circus News

Charles Rafferty
~ The Satin Lining of the Casket Reminds Me of a Jewelry Box

Eileen Murphy
~ Beekeeper Dream

Ted Lardner
~ Dorothy, Kansas

Carolyn Divish
~ Platelets

Sonya C. Brown
~ It Began with Cleaning the Oaks

Marta Shaffer
~ My Mother Keeps Finding Lions in her Apartment

Emily Brink
~ Telephone (Ghazal)

Kelley J. White
~ Stonework

John Bradley
~ Temporary Error: Instrument Destruction

Jenny Williamson
~ We Rise
~ Lungs and the Ghosts of Lungs

Crustaceanism by Kay Waterson
About the Artist

C.R. Dobson
~ Moon In Perigee
~ Artemis

Ghada Khalil
~ A Cliff an Elephant
~ An Impossible Object
~ I Don’t Know My Name, I Came Here to Spell Words
~ Why I am Melissa
~ Whip-tongeu

Rob Cook
~ Outcasts From The Prescription Cities
~ In the Woods After it’s Gone Missing
~ Shared Without the Sound a Touch Makes

Jenne Kaivo
~ Eyes Unastounding
~ In the Junkyard Quando Sumus