Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Twenty-nine
Summer 2012
And tomorrow
John Yohe

times of freezing rain
times of snow and loss of power
times of hail and lake effect
times of restlessness
times of travel
times of time passing like clouds over Lake Superior

times of conversations about film
and vanishing
times of loneliness
times of bodies falling apart
and dull pain
but also times of women in hosiery
and bass solos

times of sun and rain
times of photo experiments in the desert
times of dry heat
and biking to work everyday
times of busking
times of wearing tight black skirts
times of walking through ash
times of not knowing what to do
about anything

times of climbing mountains
and swimming naked in rivers
times of nights so clear you can see the Seven Sisters
times of monsoon lightning
of throwing coins
and running

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