Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Twenty-nine
Summer 2012
sonnet 412 (dick the meatpacker)
           -for richard hugo

Adam Walsh

(sometimes     i wish to be hugo     work
at a meat factory   plant) (in   indiana     pushing
                      the green button for steel racks of beef)
(that hang like they always do                 in a silence
measured by ash)   (from an unfiltered cigarette
how     the specks rest     cool)      (on an opened book page
some poetry about     pescado     in
                the rattlesnake)           (i would     cough as he did
in bed)     (despues de bailar toda la noche con
loose women from           texas)     (las chicas delgadas
who spoke                 a sexy spanish in     hugo’s     and my
hairy ears)     (the hacking would            continue
bellow out those women’s names)     (how they   disgraced    us
but     at least we kill them                 in our poems)
(drown them                 en el rio de palabras
strangle out           a dignity      all men require)     (yet
hugo worked for boeing     in seattle)     (still smoked
drank like      fish he wrote about                 this is simply
a dream                 hugo died)     (i m   still     here
aquí en un barro     en un   burdel
in          the thought      of a women)

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