Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Twenty-nine
Summer 2012
The Spectacle
Stepha Peters

In saintly places       often there       has

Been a vision       calculated
The old-fashioned way with beads       and twine strung up over
the hilt of       the catastrophe

Chinese tourists       eat black beans from a bread bowl       the tables
Piled high with fruit       but there is no naming for
The color of consistency       in shoring up the spectacle

Where two intersecting streets will       meet there is a structure
That used to have a name


A whore visited once       stop here and learn of her
And her immortal energies

Lesson learned       square teeth run in       the family
It’s hard to be human       but necessary       to be indiscriminate
To take things out       and put them back

With a twitch of the whiskers       she darts
And there is a noise like someone       lifting engines

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