Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Twenty-nine
Summer 2012
Newspapers, We Love You, Get Up!
Jessi Lee Gaylord

Editors, let’s frisk (like we mean it)
like we’ve never frisked before.
Let’s take our socks off,
middle finger the trap door.
Let’s get ink-wet and fluent
as a newspaperman’s fingertips.

Editors, we’re done for—
bankrupt as a goodbye fuck.
We’ve got the bad breath
of dead letters, we’re bum
lusted as day old headlines.

Let’s kiss deadline on the lips
(once more like we mean it).
Let’s put our mouths on it
like we’ve never breathed before.
Let’s get flippant, feral.
Let’s fall in love at our funeral.

Editors, let’s get deathless.

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