Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Twenty-nine
Summer 2012
Icarus in Recession
Jessi Lee Gaylord

Icarus is the hero of his own strife
crème de la crème of basement apartment
hearts, miscellaneous in the labyrinth
of layoffs, 401(k) ravaged in the weird
science of economic crisis.

Icarus was gunning for the sun
turned stumped statistic, under-
employed, steeped in sunlight
and student loans. Icarus is pissed
off and procrasturbating, wings
stitched to a net of vetted résumés.

Icarus needs to get laid, but
that little prick Cupid is chained
to a banker’s death—whoops—desk.
Icarus is weeded out, worn out
hot flight of upward mobility
gone wrong, gone down
in flames and feathers
like us, Icarus is only playing
dead in the daylight
for the sun is still our heroine.

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