Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Twenty-nine
Summer 2012
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Jane Sellman
~ Harriet Carter, Distinctive Gifts Since 1958

Laura Theobald
~ Desert Cactus

Cristofre Kayser
~ The Grind of the Knife

Jessi Lee Gaylord
~ Icarus in Recession
~ Newspapers, We Love You, Get Up!

Valerie Loveland
~ My Favorite Aunt and Uncle Star in One Long Silent Movie

John Calavitta
~ Untitled

Stepha Peters
~ The Spectacle

Jeanne Stauffer-Merle
~ But Wind Is Tooth

Adam Walsh
~ Sonnet 412 (dick the meatpacker)
~ Throat

Scott T. Starbuck
~ Territorial Poem

Joseph Goosey
~ Recently I’ve Been Obsessed with Reading Lists of Nevada Brothels Still Under Operation

Lobsters from Bobby by Rita Brace
Lobsters from Bobby by Rita Brace
About the Artist

Connie Post
~ Search Party

Logan Hancock
~ All Your Pretty Flowers

John Yohe
~ And Tomorrow