Arsenic Lobster poetry journal
Issue Twenty-four
Winter 2010
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Laura Bender
Laura got her B.A. from University of California San Diego. She waitresses and writes in San Diego, where she lives with her parakeet. When she’s feeling down she goes out and buys tea, in the manner that some women like to buy shoes.

Tyson Bley
Tyson was born in 1978 in South Africa and at the age of 30 moved to Germany, where he continues to live semi-reclusively with a malignant Internet addiction. Visit his blog at

Marte Bröehm
Marte loves morning fog over the lake and valley, sunset and watching for the green flash across the Pacific, boating on Lake Tahoe, her four golden retrievers, her husband and two children, pizza and Diet Pepsi (although not necessarily in that order). Any artistic critiques are first done by one of the dogs. A transplant from the cow fields and forests of Wisconsin, Marte lives, writes, and paints in Escondido, California.

Sarah Carson
Sarah was born and raised in Flint, Michigan but now lives in Chicago where she is an editor at RHINO and the Communications Specialist at Switchback Books. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Poet Lore, Barrow Street, Diagram, Strange Machine, and Limestone, among others. Her first chapbook, Before Onstar, was released by Etched Press in 2010.

Annie Christain
Annie drove through a ghost cow on the highway once. Her published works make references to the ghost cow that prophesied against the over proliferation of quirky and lively bios.

Judson Evans
Judson is an enthusiast for bonsai and horror films, Guerilla Opera and the Japanese art of Chindogu, (or absurd inventions). He teaches a courses on utopian societies, keeps reef aquariums, and has been involved in a wide range of collaborative experiments with composers, choreographers, dancers, and other poets at The Boston Conservatory where he teaches. He is a member of Off the Park Press Writers' Collective and was recently chosen as an emerging poet by John Yau.

Ari Feld
Ari was born and grew to young manhood in the midwest. He graduated from UMass Amherst's MFA program for poets and writers last spring. Now he lives in Barcelona with his sweetie.

Amanda Hempel
Amanda was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but for some reason was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is fond of mixed-breed dogs, being awake in the middle of the night, and the smell of old books. She closed-captions television shows for a living and talks to (yells at) the newspaper while she reads it. She has accepted that she’ll never know why she does this. And although she sometimes threatens to hit people with their own shoes if they annoy her, she’s actually a very nice person most of the time.

Sari Krosinsky
A biography for the author was not available on the publication date.

Ted Lardner
Ted lives in greater Cleveland with his three bees, tons of snow, and a closet full of R&B artists.

John McKernan
John is now a retired comma herder who taught seminars in branding the semicolon. He lives – mostly – in West Virginia where he edits ABZ Press. His most recent book is a selected poems Resurrection of the Dust.

Phill Provance
Phill is executive editor for MediaTier Ltd.'s where he has somehow conned his way into penning an online comic strip, "The Adventures of Ace Hoyle" for a relatively decent living. As a journalist, literary critic and poet, Phill's work has appeared in The Baltimore Sun, InQuest Gamer magazine, Orbis: International Literary Quarterly, The Axe Factory Review, Word Riot, decomP magazinE, Heartbreaker Magazine; and his first chapbook, The Day the Sun Rolled Out of the Sky, is forthcoming from Cy Gist Press. Despite all this he is convinced that he will never be a "good" writer, so he is currently attempting to build a "syphilitic cattle converter" at his home outside Pittsburgh. What is a "syphilitic cattle converter," you ask? He's clueless, but he likes to think it makes one heck of an interesting plan B.

Alexandra van de Kamp
Alexandra lives in Port Jefferson, NY in a flat-roofed, slightly drafty apartment building near the water. She lives with her husband, the writer William Glenn, and several hardy plants. Her first full-length collection, The Park of Upside Down Chairs was published in April 2010 by WordTech Press and a new chapbook of poems, Dear Jean Seberg, won the 2010 Burnside Review Chapbook Contest and will be out in February 2011. You may read more of her poetry and prose on her web site:

Elizabeth Ocean
Elizabeth is an artist with a varied background, having worked as both a costume designer and a Massachusetts state criminal prosecutor. She specializes in unique paper dolls and illustration-style watercolors. Her work is inspired by her varied background, an obsession with historical fashion, and the power of clothes to transform the wearer into whomever she wants to be. Elizabeth is continually amazed to find herself creating quirkily beautiful art, and even more surprised that it can make a person she’s never met smile. To see more, visit:

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