Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Twenty-eight
Spring 2012
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Courtney Elizabeth Hitson
~ Collecting Mothers
~ The Organ of Mother-Want

Jerry Johnston
~ The Truth of It
~ To Chop

Michaela A. Gabriel
~ Ainigma
~ Who’s Keeping Time with the Timekeeper’s Daughter
When the Timekeeper’s Out Keeping Time?

~ Night : Trilogy

Joshua Grant
~ (i) Most Tasteless
~ (v) In Touch

Paul Schwarzkopf
~ Draft Horses

Sara Lier
~ Philadelphia
~ Letter in This Wind

Rob Cook
~ My Bugs
~ Elegy for Robert Adams-Cap

Donna Vorreyer
~ The Fire-Eater

Dawn Pendergast
~ The Birds

Tom Nowak
~ Mr. Fruit

Carlo Matos
~ In the Good Company of Yetis
~ Pull My Ear

A Boy and His Lobster by Heather Gorham
A Boy and His Lobster by Heather Gorham
About the Artist

Janet A. Baker
~ Black Cross

Rebecca Schumejda
~ How to Write a Letter You Don’t Want Anyone to Read
~ How to Listen to Your Husband

Peter Schwartz
~ Floater

Kathleen Kirk
~ Cassandra Observes the Midwestern Landscape in September