Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-two
Summer 2013
Robin Wyatt Dunn

The radio inhibits sound
As I inhibit ghosts,
Frequency is such a careful decision.
I sit in the park, an avatar,
A lost soul,
Defender of Earth.
Have you never noticed the smallest things?
How she looked at you when you clasped your finger thus?
How the sun made the dancers move?
How the wind came at a thought,
And again, at the same thought?
Within simultaneity is more
Than we can understand,
The rhythm of the universe,
The course of our commands,
and their grudging overrides.
There are so many want us here,
There are so many.
Ignore me when I shout:
I am only pressure valve,
A clasp at the heart of our loving rigid gestalt.
The crazy man saves you.
Run, children,
Run in the sway in the grass.
Lovers on promenade,
Step lively on the sun,
To see the world move about you,
And I’ll see you too,
Listening to these other darknesses.

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