Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-two
Summer 2013
After Falling Though Kitchen Tile,
Kate Magnolia Glasgow

I see that in the nothing
everything is made with broken laws.
I dust off the owl
that eats vibrant clusters.
Break my sitting bones
slipping on wedding photos of
the long-deceased.
And last year
our baby had a powder
birth. I am very sad to see

that you have posted pictures of it
where the walls could be,
and you took my lungs,
wrapped them in bonnet lace
wrote on post-its
names you have called me
in front of my mother.

You have taken up
the silk and velvet
in your arms.
You skirt around
the danger zone.
With one slight turn of the wrist
my body isn’t the same
you break the promise
when I hand you the list
the things that keep me innocent.
when I hand you the list
and you were touched that I cared.

I didn’t realize we were made
from so much.

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