Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-two
Summer 2013
At First, the Baby
Kate Magnolia Glasgow

I have been watching water unfix itself for twenty minutes. I can no longer be generous in trust for myself. A Wandering, straying mistake: what a carriage brings. The baby is in the kitchen, dressed in bonnet lace. I wash each bottle, unscrewing and filling it full of steam. When rinsed, the milk and yeast is thick as blood and carries the smell. Solitude is a dream I was born into. A birth that is a process of testing. How long I can keep mocking myself by being alone, and enjoying it too much.

I take what I see and call it good but it is not good. I take up the belief and surrender to it. A gasp. What feels like a lashing in a sound mind and body may not influence action. A woman awaits death in the body’s full acceptance. A call upon a delivery formed against my womb. It is really a type of light that I’m always looking for. A practical reality. One that puts you to sleep while you gleam. How well you shine calls attention to the original self. What now is not worthy of blame.

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