Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-two
Summer 2013
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Camille Hugret
~ Notes on Childhood Summers

Claire Molek
~ Untitled

Andrew Aulino
~ Monday
~ For My Daughter. Born During a Hurricane

Risa Denenberg
~ Raspberry Jam
~ Unshod

Adam Deutsch
~ In Ithaca Once

Kelly Boyker
~ He Was Only A Symptom of Her Hunger
~ Under the Factory Ash
~ We Lived in a Year Where Only the Dead Could Smile

Laura Madeline Wiseman
~ Cherry

Nandini Dhar
~ Graining Holes In Pages

Rich Ives
~ [One Eye Opened]

Kate Magnolia Glasgow
~ At First, the Baby
~ After Falling Though Kitchen Tile,
~ At First, the Baby
~ A Hitching, to Get Along Well
~ At First the Baby

Robin Wyatt Dunn
~Von Neumann Drone
~ Defender

The Sea and the Saviour by Tanya Mayers
The Sea and the Saviour by Tanya Mayers
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