Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-three
Winter 2013
Glenn R. Frantz

One hypothesis matches the book, a single-crystal rainbow designed with automata
and reader, to daylight counterfeit displays. Multiplied in oak and plastics in various time-zones.

12: Robbed of bed at a mighty time, overlaid by chipmunks.

1: Its familiar owls, salt, and also to travel in a quartz camera. The electrons are then drizzled with a magnetic mist.

2: Records the subtropics at room temperature, burying astronomical eggs.

3: Also, water to synchronize them. The sauce is equivalent to cooperative accuracy, barring hurricanes.

4: The ingredients are enthusiastically used by 5.

5: The number may be switched later.

6: A brioche is interpolated. Calculations to follow.

7: Is a convenience whose value cannot be defined in words or numbers.

8: The world standard for the meter was a conic ball of bread.

9: This was based on a humorous barcode. Patented on commercial beaches.

10: The solar system was likewise off. Since Huygens, only 1/4 evidence.

11: The stairs are made up each night. Balustrades vary.

11: A rival hypothesis made us cheerful right away.

12: In dry space, a deluge of privacy. A moon yard. Thereby fished for the night.

The design for the terraces was calibrated with short geckos. The simple information, if
very inaccurate, together with a bitten edge. To interrogate the empty spectrum for
demarcations of temperate wavelength, former hands and atomic currents.

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