Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-three
Winter 2013
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Robert Pesich
~ Sleep Deprivation

Amanda Gaye Smith
~ Tobacco

Andrew Ruzkowski
~ The Difficulty of Speaking a Matter of Remembering
~ Body 2.

James Eidson
~ Rite for Pre-teen Anarchists

Sara Moore
~ Coffin
~ Explaining Origins and Ending

Meghan Tutolo
~ Having Words with Fire
~ Leviathan
~ Afterthought

Juliet Cook and Robert Cole
~ Swarm Two

Glenn R. Frantz
~ Escapement

Sandy Longhorn
~ Penance Assigned to the Adulterers
~ The Angry Sisters Experience a Conversion

Elena Aigle
~ Jannette

Susan Rides the Lobster</span> by Clarissa Jakobsons
Susan Rides the Lobster by Clarissa Jakobsons
About the Artist

Cindy Hochman
~ Blank White Page

Kathleen Kirk
~ Collage
~ Working Small