Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-six
Winter 2014
VII. Fox
Sara Biggs Chaney

You can call me vulpini.
I’m a sight gag at parties,
so keep watch
till you see
from all angles.
I’m a girl I’m a vase
a warship a flagon
a cheekbone guitar.
I’m a double-faced
Cretan relief
with electroshock tail.
Not for nothing
I’m an all day filth treasure,
my baby’s a shit sack,
I’m bringing her breast ward,
clutching her heart wise,
painting her snout
in scat, evergreen.
Keep your hands free;
keep an eye out.
I’m redder than thou,
but you won’t likely see
my scarlet sail, my
singular profile,
how I look while sleeping,
my body a coil of defense
around all that I love.

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