Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-six
Winter 2014
IV. Diamondback
Sara Biggs Chaney
From       Girls, Beasts
Russian Photographer Takes Stunning Portraits with Real Animals 1

They stole me from the desert,
cut off my tail, shoved flowers
in my hair. I woke up under
floodlights, where a forest
used to be. Someone yanked
my eyelids with a pair of forceps
while someone else administered
the eye drops that would make
my pupils, oceans.
More people came to tease
my hair. I felt the muscles
of my inner eye give way,
then something hard
against my forehead,
breathing. Don’t move,
they said, swiping my cheeks
with rags to catch
the last drops of saltwater.
Just one more shot.

1 Poems inspired by the photography of Katerina Plotnikova.
The poems are inspired by these photos and their symbolic association with the famous Cluny tapestries.

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