Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-six
Winter 2014
Combinations and Permutations
Deborah Gang

When winter settles in
you will lose one glove
and then find it.
Then not know where
you put its mate.

You memorize some rules:
don’t leave gloves on your
lap. Don’t take them off
in the car. Think before
departing anywhere but home.

Still, you will lose your
favorite pair and find only
half, six days later, slightly
snow damp and lightly chewed.
The other waits until next thaw,

exposed, still shaped
as if to warm a hand.
You replace these ruins
and find you like
the new ones better.

You will lose them. Your
least favored pair, promoted,
refuses dislocation.
You are careless
yet each hand is loyal.

How can you buy
anything new when these
are serviceable and present?
Love and risk are knit like
last year’s missing cashmere.

Before the long winter is spent
the many possibilities of loss
will find you.

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