Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-six
Winter 2014
Song of Lure
Annie Virginia

i have heard there are mothers everywhere like needles
who wear jewels in their skin so the bucks will spin into their chests will bow
they have ringing ears
i have often heard what is called gunshot and it turns me
           there is so much hush after the shot turns inside out and falls
                                                                                                              the way ash falls
           my father tells me fireworks rise like morning
           exist like dragonflies            metalcolor and grind

      father is a pine
under the feet of the river more
mud to sheet the legs of she
and she sleeps with sun in her throat

           gems in the water her neck

mother is dripping river in hushsong and asks nothing of her

hunger in the clovers who whine by the house and mother
ties them to her fingers so i see celebration hanging in maple
father says the river sounds like laughter
but i see in my mother that she believes it sounds like crying
i have often found both to be water and no one can step foot in the same river twice
so everything is the same i understand this even sleeping

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