Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-seven
Spring 2015
Patrick Cole

That defense spending is in my belly,
words and decisions strengthen my hair,
make it shine. The satellite link
tripped me, currency exchange bedevils
my reading of Confucius.
The concept of nothing takes the place
of zero and multiplies itself by one
through nine, children are made to watch.
Again and again. That defense spending
from the nineteen eighties is in my belly,
rumbling. Volcanos bring down planes
with the plumes of their pens. It’s politics
as usual. Only invisible things create, and
only the future results. Old newspapers preserved
in garbage heaps call the shots. Things demand to be
enumerated so they can hide, act. That appropriations bill
some thirty-odd years ago waters the lawn today,
brings on the drought, bans itself, breaks its own law,
waters the lawn again today. We watch,

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