Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-one
Spring 2013
Wildlife in the Living Room
Avery Leigh Thomas

Imagine familiar faces
collapsing in
           to reveal other life,
           other fauna, even
flora, skin

sprouting leaves, stretching
roots—a sister’s
           chestnut hair giving way
           to pinnate veins
like plumes

or hands becoming chordate
fronds, heart-shaped
           and beating.
           I dream sometimes
of people I know

becoming things
I’ve never seen
           before, whole crowds
           transformed to
rainforests, exotic

species never named.
And somehow the giant
           ferns, bromeliads
           choking vines
are welcoming,

thirsty for my eyes,
my hands, craving
           me like sunlight,
           water, inured to me
like chlorophyll, like soil.

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