Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-one
Spring 2013
CL Bledsoe
CL has never eaten lobster or arsenic though he does enjoy cheeseburgers. He lives in Baltimore and tries not to take it personally. Check out his blog:

Callista Buchen
Callista is 5'4" and a little bit but always writes down 5'5". She believes in rounding up. She believes in quiet time, eating late at night and/or before swimming, mixing patterns, and voting. She lives in Kansas with her husband and daughter. None of them are very good at coloring, but you should see them at the piano. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in DIAGRAM, Pear Noir!, PANK, Gigantic, and others. For more, go to

Alexander Chisum
Alexander, despite being born and raised in a small town near Reno, is terrible at gambling. He blames his lack of blackjack skills on ineptitude rather than chronic bad luck, however, as his extreme good fortune is exhibited by his presence in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Alabama, where he is currently pursuing an MFA.

Aviva Englander Cristy
Aviva moved far away from any ocean to live in the urban heat-bubble of Milwaukee, WI where she reads many poems, in no particular order, and stares at the lake pretending it is salty. She often keeps a poem in her pocket, even during months that aren’t April.

Jennifer Givhan
Jennifer doesn’t believe in doing the dishes and instead spends her time polishing the silverware of her poems. She lives in New Mexico with her husband (who does do the dishes) and two children. You can read more of Jennifer’s unhinged & rattling work at

Liz Martin
Liz moonlights as a post-modern, feminist housewife, quilting, knitting, and gardening to fill up the moments when she is not in danger of being buried under a landslide of freshman composition essays or reading poetry for Map Literary, a journal of contemporary writing and art.

Andrew McIntosh
Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Andrew is a big fan of lobsters but finds the concept of lobster ice cream—fairly common on the Cape these days—both disgusting and offensive. Andrew’s fiction has appeared in Smokelong Quarterly and decomP magazinE, his nonfiction has appeared in flashquake; and one of his poems toured the country as part of the Wick Poetry Center’s important exhibition “Speak Peace: American Voices Respond to Vietnamese Children’s Paintings.” If all goes according to plan, he will receive an MFA from The Ohio State University in the spring of 2013.

Kristine Ong Muslim
Kristine is the author of We Bury the Landscape (Queen’s Ferry Press) and Grim Series (Popcorn Press). She lives in the Philippines, where she serves as the alpha-animal for dogs and chickens. She also eats a lot of vegetables.

Christopher Robley
Christopher is a new dad who works from home at his lakeside house in Maine — meaning he rarely changes out of his pajamas. He is allotted one peanut butter cookie per day. As a songwriter, he’s been called “The Stephen King of indie-pop,” which he regards as a severe compliment.

Avery Leigh Thomas
Avery lives, writes, and teaches in Pittsburgh, where she’s finishing up her MFA in poetry. She bakes a mean batch of impromptu cookies, and will forever be content to spend the day with her lap full of cats and crossword puzzles.

Nancy B. Westfall
Atlanta artist Nancy B. Westfall’s work is her journal in paint. Her sense of humor and personality show through her painterly brush strokes and eclectic images such as glasses of wine, ADHD pills, women in curlers and fried eggs. Her work has been seen in many publications, galleries and the collections of a few celebrities (Billy Crudup, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck). Her work may be viewed at and