Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-nine
Winter 2015
Grocery List Divorced from Food
Tracie Morell

What is it that makes
you stare at the blank page,
with silly hope for connection
even if it is just with the typeface
these words appear? How
long must you keep telling the same
story over and over to be other than
fiction? You are alone, even
when the man who owns you is
sitting in

your nearness. Out of hope, under
the umbrella of three sisters sparkling t-
heir brilliance in the sky above
the walls which keep you, you sit in
your kitchen scribbling the same words
on your shopping list.
                    1. Get away
                    2. Get away
                    3. Go away
                    4. Save yourself
This night leaves you with no food —just a need
to be seen and understood.

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