Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-four
Spring 2014
chalk arguments
Mary Kasimor

injured dirt and monsanto
tomato beautiful names ring
tone answers anonymous owner
kissed with corporate love
I will give you eloquence
with the view of the pacific
more than a computer chip
virtual bi-pass of pre-actualization
the word baby produces lovely
blue eyed skies
purebred gods

I need my thick body
walk out windows
the beautiful down trodden dust
the magical thinking of want
a golden necklace that hangs my shame
an architecture of bridges
the engineering of birds
a taste of flesh is in the room
filled with paintings of sunflowers
you take another seed
another empty house
chalk thoughts on sidewalks

(an argument) in the epic

someone (my love)
wanders through
human bleak
the average commute
spirit with not a crow
scavenging nature survives a sub-plot
two hours each way

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