Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-four
Spring 2014
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Amanda Kimmerly
~ Waiting for the Future to Pick Me Up at Seven
~ A Better Furnace

Harvey J. Baine
~ Working Day

Jeanine Stevens
~ False Pilgrim
~ Where Babies Come From

Mary Kasimor
~ Chalk Arguments

Andrew Cantrell
~ Sand Mountain

Sarah Merkle
~ There Are Reasons Why We Memorize

Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton
~ Manifesto
~ Writing Through John Cage’s Writing Through the Cantos

Jeff Tatay
~ Twenty Something

Julie Standig
~ Don’t Worry About It

George Kalamaras
~ This Being Human
~ Thirteen Thirteen-Word Dog Stories
~ The Book of Everyday Life

Daniela Olszewska
~ Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction
~ Black Beauty

Carta marina by Sebastian Münster
About the Artist

Ted Lardner
~ Horoscope

Rachelle Cruz
~ Neglect

Abigail Bautista
~ Narwhals

Laura E. Miller
~ Corpus Delicti