Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-five
Summer 2014
Yolk Burst Winter
M.K. Brake

               fizzle                                  can’t unsee peck
                                                       as one with preening

a life all readying for

so I find
birth at end’s birth,
ruptured cherries and shells
cracked in                     avian

                            gorge            echo

(                          Hey               Hover
                                      HOOT            Look good kite!                                  )

’gainst me sunburns                                                        all against me burns

Red torches
that last frostshift
                                        when I hid from flight, when I was like the earthworm,
                                        red pillow, pillow to floor, inviting
                                        foul, foul

Because in sunlight
read a nice girl: nametag (Oriole)

meeting sweat, meeting

                                        My, my            you’re looking            suet!

Wait for                  deadnightfrost breathlessly

for to please freeze the

lip-lick-and-quiver that heard
tell I had

                                            an angel

Found my                             Missing spots!
                                              Not good enough eggs!

every morning in the                early blue tree hole he
                                                                               eating breakfast
                                                                               running yellow toward

my deepest        unroost            of heat.

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