Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-five
Summer 2014
Animals Among Us
Emari DiGiorgio

These are the lettuces we live for, you and I:
arugula, radicchio. Your mother is a cottontail.
You scold her for digging so many holes, for dirtying

her pretty face. But you do it too.
“Squirrel Saves Subway Rat”—The New York Post
headlines blare from the trash heap. In other news,

ghost cat’s on the case. You tell me she’s slashed
the arsonist’s face, cut the brakes. I don my fox suit
to scare the geese, pick up men instead. The birds

won’t budge. They know the real thing, as do the men.
One blue whale says to another, hubba blubba. Ghost cat
needs to wake the neighbor. The barn’s on fire, the kids

are locked inside. That’s the last time, you tell
your mother. She’s narrowly escaped the backhoe.
Thank goodness you wear your polar bear suit into late June.

Would the farmer have stopped? Squirrel climbs
the tallest tree in Central Park, pretends he’s Kong,
the acorn in his mouth, a buxom blonde with ruby lips.

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