Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty-five
Summer 2014
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Elisabeth Workman
~ In the Last Person

M.E. Riley
~ Abuse
~ Drinking With Red Bird

Amber Rose Crowtree
~ You Receiving Pupil

Casey Nichols
~ The Vulture, the Moth

Emari DiGiorgio
~ Animals Among Us
~ Origami Woman

Paul David Adkins
~ The Tattoos of Iraqi Civilians, 2007

Heather Bell
~ For Those Who Forsake Love
~ The Day is Elegy of Shoe Knots

Ricky Garni
~ Foods That Are Good For Dry Skin

Amorak Huey
~ Self-portrait As Double Red Flag

Sunshine LeMontree
~ Fruitility
~ Modern Mythology

Shay Lessman
~ The Following Poem Is Rated TV-MA
~ Imitating Manhood

M.K. Brake
~ The House by Harmony Wharf
~ Yolk Burst Winter

Martini with My Lobster by Michelle Milano
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