Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty
Winter 2012
All Women
Daniel M. Shapiro

All women are chimpanzees.
This sounds sexist only when read aloud.
All women are chimpanzees but lack
the body hair, the posture, the feet like hands.
Their feet are made to fit in glass slippers.

All women look like Pocahontas,
the Disney Pocahontas, all slim,
athletic, open-minded about
intolerance, benign intolerance.
They all sing to themselves.

If someone starts a sentence by saying
all women, the chimpanzee
should emerge. The chimpanzee
lulls with pratfalls and raspberries.
It arises when the typical male

falls into the deep sleep of argument
It shape-shifts from false Indian form
into taut muscle, vise-grip fingers
that can crush windpipes, fingers
that can never be removed.

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