Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty
Winter 2012
Lisa Recites “Trinities I Can Believe In”
Lisa McCool-Grime

Food, love and hard-bound books. Paper,
pen and hand. One, two, three. Warhol,
Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy. Warhol,

silver wigs and golden chains. Slap, shove
and stomp. Three Blind Mice, The Witches
of Eastwick
, the Bee Gees. Long drives

and twisted letters and sidewinding snakes.
Seven, eleven, thirteen. Butchers and bluebirds
and women’s bodies. The ears of Horseface,

the jaw of Horseface, the shoulders of
Horseface. Four, eight, sixteen. Blinders
and muzzles and treadmills. Egghead and

Dogbreath and Thunderthighs. “Lisa,
Lisa, Lisa.” They say, “Enough”.

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