Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty
Winter 2012
Wendy Taylor Carlisle
Wendy lives with the rocks and ticks in the Arkansas Ozarks, and online with all of you at
She is the author of two books, two chapbooks and has published poems online and in print. She is grateful to have found the Arsenic Lobster alive and just about to but, not quite, falling.

Elizabeth Majerus
Elizabeth is snips and snails and Ceylon cinnamon. Everything you say puts a song in her head. She lives in Central Illinois with her husband, son, and daughter and is one-third of the band Motes.

Lisa McCool-Grime
Lisa was not born in North Dakota. She has not been published in numerous journals to include Dollbaby’s Schoolhouse Adventures and Estranging the Estranged Self. She no longer blows out birthday candles in November and she has never revealed a wish made on birthday candles, not even to herself.

Erin L. Miller
Erin received her BA in English with a minor in writing at Kent State University, and is currently working on an MFA in Poetry at Bowling Green State University. You can find her work in Luna Negra and Rufous City Review. In 2011, she received an honorable mention in the Wick Poetry Center Undergraduate Competition. Despite the fact that she has been writing poems for many years, she has yet to meet one she readily likes. As a result, her poems feel very self-conscious about themselves.

Anthony Opal
Anthony was born in 1983, near Chicago. He began reading by Blake-light early in life and was encouraged to move freely from one thought to another by his mother: poet-rearer, Christmas-singer, weekday-hater, drum-inspector. He is the founding editor of The Economy, and his work can be found in various magazines and journals, including Boston Review, Harpur Palate, Notre Dame Review, and The Christian Century. To read more, please visit

Rachel Danielle Peterson
When not writing, Rachel is always thinking about writing. Check her out on facebook, if you dare.

Jessy Randall
Jessy’s poems have been hung from trees, used in library advertisements, made into garage band rock songs, and sold in gumball machines. Her first book, A Day in Boyland, was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award. She is also the co-author of Interruptions: Collaborative Poems (with Daniel M. Shapiro) and has a brand new book, Injecting Dreams into Cows, just out from Red Hen Press. Her website is

Anita Rankin
Anita is making another debut, this time as a cartographic word-player. Previously she has been a visual artist, a gallery and artist-in-residence coordinator, and an art and poetry therapist. She is currently located in Tucson, a semi-surreal city, gridding the northern portion of the Sonoran Desert.

Joshua Rice
Joshua is a hungry, cigarette smoking English major at a small, freezing, south Michigan college called Hillsdale. He has been published in his school’s almost universally un-read literary publication The Tower Light. He aspires to being an author and in love.

Daniel M. Shapiro
Daniel has edited a lingerie catalog, broken his collarbone twice, and been called “gorgeous” by Burt Reynolds. His poetry web site is

Julie Tepper Standig
Born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, works in Manhattan and lives on Long Island, she is a true New Yorker and loves the city. Julie received her BA from Queens College, lived overseas, and after raising her two children with her husband Ken, has returned to writing poetry. She takes classes at the 92 Street Y, Unterberg Center as well as private workshops in the city. Julie has been published by Alehouse Press and has several poems in the upcoming, Covenant of the Generations by WRJ. Currently she is working on a chapbook of poems about her experience living abroad in Pakistan. She is very excited about having Memsahib Memoir appear in Arsenic Lobster!

Will Bullas
Will was born in Ohio and raised in the Southwest. He was majoring in art at Arizona State University when he was drafted and served in Vietnam. After returning from combat duty, Will took up his art studies at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California where he studied under Ray Strong. There he met his wife, Claudia, who also is an artist. He supported his family as a printer until striking out on his own as an artist, and soon gained a growing group of enthusiastic collectors. He lives and creates in Carmel Valley, California.

Will is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society and the Knickerbocker Artists of New York. He has twice exhibited with the National Academy of Design in New York City.