Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Thirty
Winter 2012
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Wendy Taylor Carlisle
~ Travel
~ The Woman Who Poses Naked with Her Parakeet

Jessy Randall
~ One Hundred Things

Erin L. Miller
~ I Dreamt of Death, or Waking

Lisa McCool-Grime
~ Lisa Is Not Pink
~ Lisa Recites “Trinities I Can Believe In”
~ Lisa Takes Aim

Anita Rankin
~ from Spectral Fieldmaps

Daniel M. Shapiro
~ All Women

Rachel Danielle Peterson
~ Harlan County

Elizabeth Majerus
~ Pat’s Mom’s Third Drink and Beyond

Anthony Opal
~ Sonnet
~ Sonnet

Joshua Rice
~ Princess
~ Thirty Miles North of Forks

Julie Tepper Standig
~ Memsahib Memoir

White Wine and Tails by Will Bullas
White Wine and Tails by Will Bullas
About the Artist