Arsenic Lobster poetry journal
Issue Sixteen
Spring 2008
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Nick Demske
Nick, the greatest Czechoslovakian Romance novelist of the 26th century, passed away last winter. No matter what year it is when you read this. His most recent book, The Bible, has become the primary sacred text of the Christian religion--a backhanded accolade if ever one was. Nick lives in Nazi Germany with his wife, Gerard Manley Hopkins. 

Lora Eves
Lora lives in Ohio where she works as a writer, teacher, performance artist and painter of Asian ball jointed dolls. When she has a drop of free time, she makes ridiculously complicated costumes out of pleather, sequins and plastic skulls. Her poetry has appeared in Slipstream, Luna Negra and Idiolect.

Brenda Mann Hammack
Brenda has not been tormented by monkey demons after drinking too much green tea. Nor has she collapsed into primordial goo despite writing about fictional characters who do. She is currently revising a verse novella in which a twelve year old child runs away from a house that is part museum, part mausoleum in order to rescue a Humbug (a chimerical being forged of cat, owl, and dragonfly). The protagonist is pursued by wolf-sized hunting cats as well as three temperamental gargoyles (Scritch, Vesper, and Hob). Dr. Hammack has never seen these creatures during waking hours, but has glimpsed them skirling about in pleasant nightmare.

Mindi Kirchner
Mindi is a recent graduate of the NEOMFA program, which consists of Kent State University, The University of Akron, Cleveland State University, and Youngstown State University. She is currently a composition and creative writing teacher at Youngstown State University. Though she's just begun to publish her poetry, her work appears in Eclipse, Perigee, The Onion Union, and The Penguin Review. She was also a finalist in the Best of Ohio Writer's Contest and won The Robert Hare Award in poetry in 2006.

Joe Machetto
Joe is a warehouseman, whose favorite poets are Clark Coolidge, Jim Brodey, Aram Saroyan, Charles Bukowski. Born in Jersey City, NJ in 1951, he now lives in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ with his wife Joan. Writing for 30 years, he has had his works published in some small press mags over the years, of which only Mark Sonnenfeld's MaryMark Press survives.

Deborah Paes de Barros
Deborah is a Professor of English at Palomar College in California. Despite being employed, she seems to spend a good deal of time in her car--driving between North San Diego County and the college, Riverside (where she lives half of the time), and Morro Bay (where she lives the remainder of the time. Morro Bay is a kind of twilight space, where there's still a little bit left from the sixties and utopian possibility.) Perhaps because of the driving, her book is called Fast Cars and Bad Girls. She has published a number of literary essays, and a few poems in small presses. Most recently she was included in the San Diego Annual collection of local poets.

Susan Slaviero
Susan writes about dismemberment, existentialist funerary images, peyote dreams, and the absence of color. Her hobbies include hunting for geoduck clams and whittling gravestones from bars of Ivory soap. She can peel an orange with her feet. She once owned a black beret. Susan is currently writing her own eulogy, a fragmented narrative constructed entirely in iambic pentameter.

jared g. staller
Jared is a recovering Hoosier, currently working toward his Ph.D. in African History at the University of Virginia. Poetry is his release from trying to balance annotated bibliographies and undergrads who just want to survive until friday night. 

Jennifer Sullivan
Thirty year old Jennifer's main goal in life is to delay adulthood. She saves up her hard earned cash from her pretend high school teacher job and instead of buying a house, she travels. Once she retraced van Gogh’s footsteps through France. Mostly, she ends up in a tiny little village named Doolin. This village, located in County Clare Ireland, is where Jennifer and her pug Telemachus would like to someday live. There, Jennifer will write more poems and perhaps even some thank you letters to the journals who published her work: Diagram, Harpur Palate, Nimrod, and Wicked Alice, among others.

Megan Sutherland
Megan is a graduate of Lancaster University's (UK) Creative Writing Program and currently lives in Minneapolis. She likes squirrels and watching documentaries about serial killers. Also, she keeps her halloween decorations up all year long.

Erik Tschekunow
Despite his employment as a writing instructor at a fine community college in them-thar hills of North Carolina, Erik finds himself a debunker of academe. Nonetheless, this self-characterization makes him, perhaps, a less-than-admirable sophist, as he greatly enjoyed scribbling his way through an MFA at Emerson College in Boston, where he also happens to be from. Other recent work can be found afloat in Tar River Poetry.

Kelly Conaway
Kelly is a 1992 BFA graduate of Green Mountain College in Poultney Vermont.
She has been working in a variety of mediums since and now concentrates mainly on painting.
Visit her website at

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