Arsenic Lobster poetry journal        Issue Six   2004
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Lisa Bellamy
Lisa grew up in Wisconsin, graduated from Princeton, lives in Brooklyn, works in Manhattan, & studies with Philip Schultz, at the Writers Studio. She has poems published or forthcoming in Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature, Ibbetson Street Press, Edgz, & Blind Man’s Rainbow.

Louis E Bourgeois
Louis instructs Eng at U of Mississippi. Finishing Line Press just released his White Night to raves, & he’s now working on a book of aphorisms, which he hopes will cause worldwide chaos. Generally, Louis believes poetry should be a blinding white light that kills everything around it. He doesn’t believe in God, but would like to.

John Bradley
John lives, writes, edits (Atomic Ghost, Learning to Glow,)& receives Illinois Arts Council grants & NEA fellowships on, ironically, Normal Road. A teacher at Northern Illinois U, John’s work has appeared in American Poetry Review, ACM, Exquisite Corpse, Rolling Stone, Sun Dog, & many others; & has been anthologized in Best of the Prose Poem & No Boundaries. A chapbook of his parables, Add Musk Here, was recently published by Pavement Saw Press.

Alan Brich
Alan Brich’s work has appeared/is forthcoming in Anklam Road Rev, Enigma, The Griffen, Medusa’s Hairdo, Spleen, Monkey Wrench, Urban Spaghetti, Skidrow Penthouse, & many others. He has also received 1st & 2nd Place in Sandscript & Fresh Poets contests, a Belle Foundation for Cultural Development grant, & a recent Pushcart nomination.

Rob Cook
Rob Cook is a ravioli-eating anarchist who hopes to revolutionize the world by lifting weights. He co-edits Skidrow Penthouse with Stephanie Dickinson & loses sleep over the fact that David Lehman just won't take the mag seriously. In fact, he loses sleep wondering just how a bad poet like David Lehman got to be poetry gatekeeper in the 1st place.* His work has/ will appear in The Bitter Oleander, New Orleans Rev, Harvard Rev, Poetry Int’l, The Hat, The Canary, Good Foot, etc. (* the claims of our poets do not necessarily reflect those of ArseLob, Arselob’s producers, or sponsors… David WHO?)

Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham received an MFA from the U of Virginia & still lives in the Charlottesville area – an easy day-trip to DC’s museums. His work appears in Paragraph, The Prose Poem: An Int’l Journal, Bellevue Literary Rev, & on the Mudlark web-site.

Jean Esteve
Jean Esteve is a painter of rocks, trees, & automobiles on the Oregon Coast; likes dogs, swimming.

Shaun Hand
Shaun Hand, musician & hitherto unpublished poet, completed his horrifically frustrating journey through the Yukon to semi-notoriety, & now resides in Westfield, MA (suburban wasteland of his youth). Shaun graduated Franklin Pierce College, NH; & will begin grad school for creative writing in fall ‘05. Admittedly, ArseLob’s good fortune is Shaun’s family’s chagrin – (his 1st foray into the published world having “fuck” in the title).

Gayle Elen Harvey
Gayle Elen Harvey, artist’s model, receptionist, & hospital business office clerk, loves reading, hiking, & travel; having volunteered at a British West Indies dental clinic & a kibbutz near Tel Aviv. She also has a beautiful foster daughter in El Salvador, whom she hopes to visit one day. Gayle’s publication credits include, Plainsong, Phoebe, The Bitter Oleander, Yellow Silk, & The Listening Eye, among many others. She was a finalist in the Concrete Wolf &Spire Press chapbook competitions (’01 & ’02, respectively). She’s received numerous poetry prizes, a fellowship from the NY Foundation for the Arts, & the Frances Locke Memorial Award.

Jen Hawkins
Jen Hawkins, retiree, 27, is resuming her own writing. (You monstuhs! I am a creatuh!) She acts, paints. Will find a way to make Jo proud. And thank you, my Jung Love, my Margaret.

Nancy A Henry
Veteran child advocate Nancy A Henry has served as Assistant Attorney General for Child Protection for Maine, & as mentor at juvenile detention & neurorehabilitation centers. Her work has appeared in Animus, Oxford Poetry, The Hollins Critic, Poetry Int’l, the Southern Humanities, Atlanta, Café, & Raintown Revs, & many others. A Pushcart nominee, her recent chaps include Anything Can Happen & HARD (both Musclehead Press). Nancy is Associate Editor of Café Review, & teaches Eng Comp at Southern ME Technical College. She is the mother of 2.

Jack Martin
Many thanks to Jack Martin for rebounding from his “mis-spent youth… kicking the banisters off the stairwell,” & cranking out “some chthonic, gut-punching, kidney-blood-letting, dark, visceral, abandoning the hyphens kind of work,” to make the neighbors cry. Jack’s poems have appeared in Ploughshares, River Styx, The Journal, the Florida & Black Warrior Revs, & others. The Colorado Council on the Arts awarded him a poetry fellowship in ‘02.

Alana Merritt Mahaffey
Alana Merritt Mahaffey teaches writing at Arkansas’ Garland County Community College, & is active in the arts-in-prison campaigns in the South. President of the AR Inmate Collective since ‘97, & of the AR Literary Society since ‘01; Alana’s work has appeared extensively in such notables as Beauty for Ashes, Zaum, Poetry Motel, Big Muddy, Agnieska’s Dowry, Aura Literary & Arts Rev, & Into the Teeth of the Wind.

Catherine A Michaud
Catherine A Michaud lives in San Diego with her cat Emma, where she has taught language arts, world history, creative writing, & most recently, middle school Eng at the Bishop’s School in La Jolla. Catherine attended the Prairie Winds Writers’ Conference (S Dakota); & workshopped at the Idyllwild Arts Academy. She has also studied with Susan Lazarro & Steve Kowit. Catherine teaches, writes, & lives passionately.

Karen R Porter
Karen R Porter hails from the Pinelands of Southern New Jersey where she writes & does field conservation work.

Rhonda C Poynter
Rhonda C Poynter has lived in 45 states & 3 countries, but is still partial to her IL/IN roots. She & son Gannon Blue, 15, now live near LA for medical care necessitated by Gannon’s autism & schizophrenia. In that children with his diagnosis do not verbalize easily; Rhonda relates Wordsworth’s “The silence that is the starry sky – “ to Gannon, “…the best thing that ever happened to me”. Rhonda’s work has appeared in 700 publications (The Oakland Tribune, Frontiers, The Croton Rev, Fox Cry, Lynx Eye, etc.) Her Start the Car was published by Warthog Press in ‘98. Another poetry collection, Borrowed Time, & a novel, Liar, are forthcoming.

Brady Rhoades
Brady Rhoades is a city editor for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, CA. An insomniac, Brady writes poems in the pre-dawn hours, often dedicated to Somnus, god of sleep, in hopes of wooing a peaceful 7 hrs. This rarely happens, “but I write anyway, out of spite for Somnus”. Brady’s work has appeared in Visions Int’l, Slipstream, CA Quarterly, the Chiron & Comstock Revs, & others.

C C Russell
Last we heard, Ohio-born C C Russell was assistant manager at a video games store, living with his wife on Long Island, NY. He holds a BA in Eng from U of WY; & has clerked & DJ’d in Wheatland, WY “where there’s not a single bookstore/probably never been a poetry reading”. CC edited Owen Wister Review in the late ‘90’s. His chap About the Girl appears in Europe & Russia. Among his extensive publication credits: the Black Fly, Oyster Boy, & Hiram Poetry Revs, Whiskey Island, Driver’s Side Airbag, Lungfull, The Plastic Tower, White Crow; & the anthologies Agnieska’s Diary (A Small Garlic Press) & In Our Own Words: Gen X Poetry (MW Enterprises). CC spends entirely too much time in front of a computer screen.

Dennis Saleh
Dennis Saleh’s poetry, prose, art, & collages have appeared in many & varied magazines & anthologies, such as ArtLife, Pearl, Psych Perspectives, Wavelength, The Mercy of Tides, & The Pagan’s Muse. Dennis has “disappeared almost entirely into a novel about Ancient Egypt,” whose peoples summoned Thoth, the god of writing… “ Invocation of deities. May their words rain down upon us. My head bobbing in the sand dunes.”

Lance C Stemen
Lance C Stemen, 21, is a long-time writing hobbyist (& fan of Kerouac, Buk, Hesse, Monk, Coltrane, Claypool…) & recent convert to poetry. A sergeant in the U.S. Army, he’s spent 3 ½ years divided between Germany, The Balkans, & now, Iraq. Lance hates the military with his whole existence, & is obsessed with the day he can come home. As soon as he does, he’ll enroll in the creative writing department at Columbia College, IL.

Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart has published fiction, features, essays & poems in periodicals including Talking River Rev, cold-drill, In Print, Connections, Art Idaho, & The Idaho Statesman. He contributes to The Boise Journal, & teaches as a Writer In The Schools (WITS). Wolf Peach Press recently published his 1st book, The Imaginary World. Danny makes a mean, MEAN lemon-drop martini.

Kylie Svenson
Kylie Svenson is a National Honor Society member & a senior at Garden Valley High School, ID. She was 1 of just 33 students across ID (& the only 1 from GVHS,) to be selected for the prestigious Whittenberger Summer Writing Project at Albertson’s College last year. There she studied with Bill Studebaker, among others. Kylie is also active in social advocacy & performing arts. Her poetry can be found in Barnwood Poetry Magazine & on numerous websites.

Susan Yount
A long time ago on a 164-acre farm hidden in Southern Indiana, Susan Yount was born. Not so long ago, she received her BA from IN University. Not long ago at all, she married a physicist & began grad studies at Kent State University, OH – only Mimi knows what Susan will do next. Her poetry has appeared/is forthcoming in The IN University SE Literary Journal, Canvas Magazine, Poems Niederngasse, Premiere Generation Ink, Opossum Holler Tarot, Bathtub Gin, & The Chaffin Journal. Susan was a Lynda Hull Memorial Poetry Scholarship recipient in ‘03.

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