Arsenic Lobster poetry journal
Issue Seventeen
Summer 2008
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Arlene Ang
Arlene lives on a staple diet of half-burnt popcorn and watermelon. When left unattended, she holds a knife with her left hand and sometimes chops her fingernails into the salad. She likes raw meat, too. There are six missing tiles in her bathroom. To date, googling Arlene's name in private has never earned anyone a death threat.

Carand Burnet
Carand attends the New Hampshire Institute of Art for painting, where she recently began writing poems after taking a poetry class. She plays the guitar and collects many items such as busts and Howard Pierce animals. Her prized possession is a circa 1960 George Washington bust carved from a salt block.

Joshua Diamond
Joshua lives in Akron, Ohio and studies English, Creative Writing, and Sociology at Kent State University. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Brink, Cause & Effect, Taiga, and Keyhole. He is the fiction editor for Plain Spoke, the quarterly literary journal of Amsterdam Press, and he is the third prize winner of the 2008 Wick Poetry Center Undergraduate Competition. When not waxing poetic Joshua enjoys cooking, rabbits, and general rabble-rousing, but not cooking rabbits.

Chet Gresham
Chet spends his time in Evanston, Illinois with his wife Maggie, cat Dottie, and birds Luka, Coach McGurk, and Clemantine. He occupies idle hands by teaching writing, gardening, birding, and poetrying. Some other publications he has snuck into include Diagram, Buffalo Carp, Florida Review, and Gulf Stream.

Joe Machetto
Joe is a warehouseman, whose favorite poets are Clark Coolidge, Jim Brodey, Aram Saroyan, Charles Bukowski. Born in Jersey City, NJ in 1951, he now lives in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ with his wife Joan. Writing for 30 years, he has had his works published in some small press mags over the years, of which only Mark Sonnenfeld's MaryMark Press survives.

Joseph Olschner
A carpenter by trade and profession, Joseph has worked on his poetry, his music, his graphic arts in the wee hours, raised 4 beautiful girls for 11 years until asked to find another address by a great gal. Because he was lucky enough to have been a surfer on the Outer Banks for the past 58 years, he has learned not one thing worth remembering unless it is how connected we are to the movement of change. And part of that change has come upon this acceptance, his first professional publication of one of his songs. Thanks to Arsenic and cheers to all rank strangers.

Talia Reed
Talia is currently risking her life in High School America, where she is attempting to teach Macbeth and Huck Finn to individuls smitten with adolesence.  Her work has been published in Wicked Alice, Main Street Rag, The Tusculum Review, and is forthcoming in Avatar Review.

Jonathan Reeve
Jonathan got fired from his job as an instruction manual writer for using too many line breaks, and for using the word "scrimshaw" as an adjective. Since then, he has come to the reluctant conclusion that what he has been doing is called "poetry" in some languages. He writes in English, French and Chinese. He currently lives in Brooklyn, and sometimes wishes he could paint. His favorite music is the kind that makes him wish he never learned how to dance.

Ray Succre
Ray currently lives on the southern Oregon coast with his wife and baby son. He has been published in Aesthetica, Small Spiral Notebook, and Coconut, as well as in numerous others across as many countries. He tries hard.

Melinda Wilson
Melinda is Managing Editor of Coldfront Magazine, the online poetry review journal ( Originally from the forests of New Hampshire, she now lives somewhat uncomfortably in New York City. Amazed by the animal kingdom, she has a particular affection for Smooth Fox Terriers. She has owned two such terriers in her lifetime, Cowie & Margie. Melinda has an MFA from The New School, and her poetry has appeared in print journals and online in places such as Diner Magazine and Verse Daily.

Elizabeth Fraser
Elizabeth is a self taught artist from Hudson, Ohio, where she grew up as a faculty brat at a college preparatory school called Western Reserve Academy. Art has always been an important part of her life, and while she strayed from it during her higher education, her passion for creating artwork has come full circle. After studying Romance Languages at Mount Holyoke College and beginning a career in education, she was inspired by her artist brother, Michael, to try her first oil painting. At the end of 1994 she picked up a paint brush and did a painting of Mont Saint Victoire and that experience changed her life and she has never looked back.

A disciplined and spirited painter, she works full time as an artist in Portland where she has a studio on Munjoy Hill. Inspired by the simple actions of her everyday life, she paints the scenes that she cherishes and the moments that impress her. Her artwork shows movement and feeling through bright, bold, expressive strokes that create a mood on the canvas. Primarily an oil painter, she also enjoys wood block printing and pastels.

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