Arsenic Lobster poetry journal
Issue Nine
Winter 2005
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Rebecca Loudon
Rebecca Loudon lives and writes in Seattle. She is the author of Tarantella, and the forthcoming Radish King. Her work can be found online in Typo, No Tell Motel and Can we have our ball back? and in various print journals. Her work is forthcoming in 88, Rhino and Forklift, Ohio.

Tom Patterson
Tom Patterson lives in Westport, Massachusetts, an old seaport town on the Westport River. Lobster boats and the Atlantic Ocean are right down the road. Tom is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston (MA in English) and of Rhode Island College (MEd in Education Counseling). He teaches writing and literature at Bristol Community College and was, for many years, a crisis counselor in the public schools in Fall River, Mass. On his poetry, "My love of history and interest in science is working itself into many of my recent poems, and Moonleaves is an example."

He has had poetry published in Confrontation and Permafrost and has poetry forthcoming in Epicenter and Pebble Lake Review.

Lissa Kiernan
Lissa Kiernan grew up in Athol, Massachusetts, Nashville, Tennessee, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Paris, France. She currently continues the process in a decidedly untrendy area of Brooklyn, New York. She lives in a drafty old limestone situated on a ridge off the Verrazano Narrows. She truly believes it is the windiest block in all of Brooklyn. Trained to be a classical musician, more and more, she prefers silence.

Yvonne Hortillo
Yvonne Hortillo is funny, enthusiastic, energetic. Bubbly, literary, well-traveled. Couldn't be kept up with in DC. Passionate, determined, friendly. Smiling, artistic, spontaneous. Enjoys things for what they are and milks them to death. Inquisitive, laughing, self-sufficient. Quirky, creative, opinionated. Keeps seeing things she wants to check out. Frizzy. Witty. Hippy; Cute. Humerous. Fun. Makes one feel good about their own home. Weird, amusing, goofy. Sweet, sincere and supportive. When someone is so interested in the different in situs. Creepy and kooky and altogether ooky. Dorky. Lovable. Literary.

E. Starling
E. Starling lives and works in the USA.

Anna Husain
An award winning poet (Writers Digest, Chicago Poets & Patrons to name only two), Anna Husain has been published in several anthologies, newspapers, chapbooks, and was a featured poet in the Lifestyles section of the Chicago Tribune (late '90's). She has had her own local Arts & Letters page, and been a featured poet at Bucktown Arts Fest (Chicago, IL), while maintaining membership in several poetry organizations. Anna has been writing for over ten years, starting with male castrating poetry, fortunately for her husband, moving on (mostly) to other topics. She is Managing Editor of Whetstone Journal (presently on hiatus, due to financial cutbacks), and a sucker for punishment, works at a struggling non-profit arts organization. She has yet to publish her own poetry book (most likely to be entitled, Procrastination), and hopes to become famous posthumously, 'cause it ain't going to happen in this life!

Robert Wynne
Robert has an MFA in Poetry, but for some reason he works as an Information Systems Business Analyst. He co-edits a magazine which, somehow, you've never heard of: Cider Press Review. If you Google him, you'll find lots of dead guys with whom he shares at least a name, yet none of them will co-sign for a loan. Go figure.

Matthew Friauf
Matt Friauf has a very practical B.A. in History. He has heard readings from such literary greats as Seamus Heaney and even catered events attended by Kurt Vonnegut. He is currently interested in linguistic evolution.

Corey Mesler
Corey Mesler is the owner of Burke’s Book Store, in Memphis, Tennessee, one of the country’s oldest (1875) and best independent bookstores. He has published poetry and fiction in numerous journals including Rattle, Pindeldyboz, Quick Fiction, Cranky, Thema, Mars Hill Review, Poet Lore and others. He has also been a book reviewer for The Memphis Commercial Appeal. A short story of his was chosen for the 2002 edition of New Stories from the South: The Year’s Best, published by Algonquin Books. Talk, his first novel, appeared in 2002. Nice blurbs from Lee Smith, John Grisham, Robert Olen Butler, Frederick Barthelme, and others. He has a new novel, We Are Billion-Year-Old Carbon, due out in 2005 from Livingston. His latest three poetry chapbooks are Chin-Chin in Eden (2003) and Dark on Purpose (2004) and Short Story and Other Short Stories (2006). He also claims to have written, Your Auntie Grizelda. Most importantly, he is Toby and Chloe’s dad and Cheryl’s husband.

Suzume Shi
Ie Suzume Shi prefers Donne to manga and The Ramones to Mozart. She lives in New London, Connecticut.

Simon Perchik
Simon Perchik is an attorney whose poems have appeared in Partisan Review, The New Yorker, and elsewhere. Readers interested in learning more about him are invited to read Magic, Illusion and Other Realities at which site lists a complete bibliography.

Sean Kilpatrick
Sean writes, "Eyes first, and without explanation, Detroit tends to siphon all the poetry from one’s life." Nevertheless, he's had the good fortune to attend Chris Tysh’s poetry class at Wayne State University. Now, under the pretense of a photography degree, he gets a healthy snort of chemicals every day. Publications include: Stirring, Cellar Door, Exquisite Corpse, Poetic Inhalation, Unlikely Stories 2.0, freefall, etc. Sean may contacted at

Folke Lindenblatt
Born in Germany, Folke has trained in Biology, Illustration, Etching, Dry Point, Watercolour and Mixed Media. Since 1988 she has worked as a visual artist and as an illustrator for science books and nature projects. She is a member of 2by4 Artists since 2002 and now makes her home in West Sussex, England.

Folke describes her work: "Maritime and northern motives dominate my work. In the clear light of the northern countries distant objects seem to be within touching range. Colours are vibrant, forms appear clear and outlined. I combine watercolour with oil pastels and graphite to underline the intensity of colour and variety of form. Influenced by my work as a scientific illustrator, detail becomes important time and time again. Diversity of colour and form can be as fascinating in small objects as well as in big ones. With my relief carvings I want to create objects - tales from the sea - which can be explored with the eyes as well as the fingers."

Folke has exhibited in Hamburg, Bonn, Wiesbaden, Dusseldorf, Gottingen, Hildesheim, Bochum, Holland, Horsham, and other cities.
For more information about Folke's art, visit her website at She may be contacted by email at

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